Hosting at The Conduit Club

Hosting at The Conduit


“ One arranges flowers as the spirit moves you; to obey some inner prompting to put this colour with that, to have brilliance here, line there, a sense of opulence in this place or that;  to suit your surroundings, your mood, the weather, the occasion. ”

Constance Spry

From intimate lunches to opulent soirées of beauty, there's nothing more we enjoy than putting together the various components of an unforgettable occasion. For those hosting an Event at The Conduit, we can provide flowers and dressing most befitting to your brand. Our contribution can be as discreet or involved as you wish; from a petite option to a full design service:

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Petite Event

Vase arrangements tailor-made to your brand’s aesthetic and chosen colour palette. Bespoke table arrangements delivered on the day of your Event.

From £800 including delivery.

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Flowers & Styling

A floral and styling service incorporating the flowers into your chosen setting.

Our team of florists and stylists are on hand and on site to install and style your Event. Alongside selecting the perfect flowers, we can also help you choose the perfect linens and table details to ensure a cohesive aesthetic whole. 

From £1,200 including production and installation