The Telegraph | "Meet the women who turn plant pots into art installations"

To hear the florist and plantswoman Kitten Grayson talk about flowers is like being at a poetry recital. Nursing a cup of tea, her blonde hair piled artfully on her head and secured with a regal trio of silk flowers, she’s envisioning the beauty of spring tulips.

“When tulips start to fade in colour and begin to bow their heads, it’s like their swansong,” she says almost breathlessly. “You feel as if there should be an orchestral piece playing in the background as you slowly watch this magnificent art piece unfold.” She’s particularly excited because last year she planted 26,000 tulip bulbs and she is about to see her masterpiece come to life.

Grayson, 32, has a beautiful familiarity with flowers.

Kitten Grayson